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Hijo (Son) (Amor de Familia) (Spanish Edition)


Creative Constellations

Hijo (Son) (Amor de Familia) (Spanish Edition)

Following on from the success of Hija, from the same creative team comes Hijo, a declaration of love from parents to their son, with stunning art by award-winning illustrator Sonja Wimmer
This book is an invitation to transmit to our offsprings the love we have for them, the commitment to accompany them in every step they take in life, and, above all, the pride and privilege that every parent feels for being able to see them grow. From the moment they are born until they grow up, from their first glance cast at us until the moment when they are ready to start flying on their own. Hijo is the perfect story to read in bed. Our little ones will fall asleep with a smile, protected by the love of their moms and dads.

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