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Our vision for Little Ibis was inspired by the commercial space launches which took place in 2021.

The goal is simple, to educate and inspire our next generation through aerospace themed products.

We are a family owned small business venturing out to create the Little Ibis brand. The founding members are a husband and wife team, with three children, two dogs, and a passion for travel and all things Aerospace. The husband is an experienced Commercial Aviation executive with over 20 years of Aerospace related experience, in Finance, Avionics Engineering, and Safety.

For those of you who want to see our vision for Little Ibis get off the ground, you can always support us by subscribing to our site and following us on Instagram and Facebook, which is also a great way to stay informed of any new products and services that become available.

We appreciate you joining us on our journey.


The Little Ibis Family

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